Gap-fill exercise

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1 refers to the use of large standardised boxes for the parking of cargo or goods to be transported when till they reach their finial destination.
2 New York city developed from island and expanded to other islands like , , and island. Newyork city is also divided into a number of administrative units refered to as . The of Manhattan is located on island, and are located on Long island. The Bronx, Newark and Jersey city are sited on the .
3 New York city originated as a Dutch settlement in . the Dutch built permanent settlements on the island and named it . In 1664, it was taken over by the settlers who renamed it New York. The capital city of New York is . New York is situated in the part of the country at the coast.
4 Kampala city is sited in the shore land area of Lake victoria. it is the capital and largest city in . T he common problems faced by New York city and Kampala city are , , high crime rate, overcrowding, unemployment and limited space for expansion.
5 New York port handles a number of and of the country. The exports include Agricultural products, , iron and products, electrical and -chemical products