S.4 History East Africa-The Portuguese administration

Gap-fill exercise

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After the final conquest of the East African coast in , the Portuguese viceroy in made his head quaters. Sofala in were the original head quarters in . The East African coast was under a who took orders from the at Goa. in Mozambique was made the midpoint of the East African possessions. The coast was divided into . The area of the Cape was ruled by a captain stationed at while the was ruled by the one at Mozambique. In subsequent years, Mombasa came to have its own .
The captains were answerable to the in Goa (India). The Captains were to collect import and export duties, from local rulers and to keep law and . The captains were also to crush any . Forexample was at one time burnt.
The Portuguese built fortified in Mozambique and Sofala to house their troops since they did not have enough troops to control the coastline. The Portuguese allied with town against another to ease their . Forexample, they allied with against . The Portuguese used and policy and some times indirect rule; where indirect rule failed, they used . Portuguese rule was and dictatorial. Portuguese employed ruthless commanders as the . Military commanders often publicly flogged those who tried to resist them. The Portuguese discriminated against and isolated themselves from the so as to strengthen their position. The Portuguese discouraged trade in and ivory and only encouraged trade based in Sofala.