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History as a subject can be defined as the study of man's events in relation with the in order to predict the . The three branches of history are history, history and history. There are many advantages/importances or relevance of studying history because it helps a student to understand his/her origin,have a sense of belonging, gives guidance and helps one to avoid making past , helps one to appreciate his/her culture and also to learn about other peoples cultures and so many others. The different sources of history include: , written records, , and anthropology. Examples of written records are textbooks, , , , novels etc. People who study material remains of man's past by extracting or digging what man left behind such as tools, weapons, pots etc are called . Examples of such people include Dr.Leakey, and . is the method of calculating the number of years an object has existed by measuring the amount of different forms of carbon in it. is the study of man's culture and ways of living.
Do you know how man and the universe came to be? Have you ever wondered about the origin of man and the universe?! Well, the origin of man and the universe as a whole is interpreted differently among different societies and perceived differently. Three categories came out with their own understanding of the origin of man and the universe. These include the , the and the .
A few historical facts about Gayaza High School: It was founded in by the . The land on which the school was built was donated by king ; the then Kabaka of Buganda. The school is located in district and currently headed by Mrs.. There are currently dormitries/houses in the school. These include Rhoda Nsibambi, , Ham Mukasa and Apollo Kaggwa, , Kennedy, , and Cox house. The school culture is founded on mainly six core values and these are: , Respect, , , and Perseverence.